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                                                                       Selection for the position of administrator is Open CS:S

If you are the person able to work in a team, adhering to the rules, you have enough time and a serious approach to the business. Then you are in right place.

Application form:

1.name & age
2. nickname
3. Steam ID, gameme stats link
4. Country,
5. The experience of playing / administration (if any)
6. Type of Internet access, speed, ping on our servers
7. In what time a day you are able to work (morning / afternoon / evening / night)?
8. On what server you would like administrator rights?
7. How many hours a week do you spend on the game?
8. Work / study / hobbies
9. Your contact details (ICQ, Skype, VK, Facebook).
10. How do you spend your free time?
11. Why exactly your candidacy suitable for the obtaining administrator rights?
12. Any other information which you consider useful to tell us.

P.S. If you want to become an administrator, you agree with all the responsibilities and rules in this topic.

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